TEIKEI – community-supported and sailed coffee through permaculture & agroforestry (Presentation and discussion with Diego Porras (coffee farmer, Mexico) and Hermann Pohlmann (TEIKEI founder)

Where: Herderbau
When: Wed, 20th of February, 7pm, Room 100

Further information:
Teikei is a non-profit organisation that brings ambitious producers and conscious consumers into a relationship of solidarity on an equal footing. The focus is on developing a kind of global economy that is sustainable from an economic, social and ecological point of view. To this end, Teikei takes up the idea of community supported agriculture and develops it to a global reach.

The coffee is grown biodynamically on three agroforestry fincas in Mexico, in order to maintain biodiversity and soil health. After the harvest, a sailing ship transports the coffee emission-free to Germany, where it is roasted and packaged. It is then distributed to the consumer community that has pre-financed the sustainable value chain. Each member receives his or her coffee according to the proportion of the harvest he or she has previously purchased.

– inhumane salaries in coffee production
– rainforest clearing for coffee plantations
– pollution of our climate and ocean by container shipping
– disconnection between producers and consumers of a product


Internship Information Day · Veranstaltungen

Speaker IV for the Internship Information Day


We are pleased to announce that IVU Umwelt will be participating in our Internship Day!

IVU Umwelt is an environmental planning and information systems company with over 30 years of experience located in Freiburg. IVU Umwelt advises in the field of environmental planning and develops software solutions for an environmentally sustainable future. Their primary focus is on providing expert opinions, development and implementation of models, development of software solutions, and analysis, processing and presentation of measurements and statistics. The main fields in which IVU Umwelt works are air quality modeling and noise protection.

For more information on IVU Umwelt visit their website:


Internship Information Day · Veranstaltungen

Speaker III for the Internship Information Day


We’re excited to announce that Julia Kolbinger from Eine Welt Forum will be joining us for our Internship Day!

Eine Welt Forum operates here in Freiburg and is a network of associations, initiatives, and educational institutions that promotes sustainable and globally fair development. The network, comprised of 58 member organizations, works to achieve the goal of an environmentally compatible and globally just future and to build comprehensive education and public relations outreach. Additionally, Eine Welt Forum supports volunteers through training and advising, offers educational programs in Global Learning and Education for Sustainable Development, and organizes public events.

Julia Kolbinger serves as Eine Welt Forum’s regional promotor for the Southern Upper Rhine region, which comprises Breisgau, Hochschwarzwald, and Hochrhein. Ms. Kolbinger’s work spans a broad range to include training and counseling; liaison work; conference, event, and action organizing; and public relations and lobbying work.

We look forward to hearing more about her work with Eine Welt Forum soon!

Internship Information Day · Veranstaltungen

Speaker II for the Internship Information Day


We’re pleased to announce UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use will participate in our Internship Day!

Based here in Freiburg, UNIQUE is international consulting company for forest management and sustainable land use. Working with a wide range of clients – from private companies and NGOs to governmental institutions – UNIQUE provides support in addressing technical, political, and economic challenges in the land-use sector.

Joining us from UNIQUE will be Nicolas Wittmann, who currently serves an Advisor to the Forest Investment Department. Mr. Wittmann holds an MSc. in Tropical Forestry and Management and has extensive regional experience in South America. Alongside his support for ongoing projects, he works within UNIQUE to further optimize knowledge management. Mr. Wittmann visited us this past semester as part of the Forest Inventory Design module, and we look forward to welcoming him back to the Herderbau this January!

For more information, visit UNIQUE’s homepage:


+++++ New zu unseren Referent*innen ++++++

Wir freuen uns sehr heute ankündigen zu können, dass das Unternehmen UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use an unserem Praktikums- und Berufsorientierungstag teilnimmt! 
UNIQUE ist ein international agierendes Beratungsunternehmen im Bereich Waldwirtschaft und nachhaltige Landnutzung mit Sitz in Freiburg. Die Kunden des Unternehmens sind sowohl private Firmen und Nichtregierungsorganisationen, als auch öffentliche Institutionen, welche bei der Bewältigung technischer, politischer und ökonomischer Herausforderungen im Landnutzungssektor unterstützt werden.

Als Referent wird Nicolas Wittmann an unserem Informationstag teilnehmen, welcher derzeit als Berater in der Abteilung Forstinvestment des Unternehmens tätig ist. Herr Wittman hat einen Abschluss im M.Sc. Tropical Forestry and Management und verfügt über umfangreiche Erfahrungen in Südamerika. Neben seiner Unterstützung in laufenden Projekten entwickelt er Werkzeuge zur weiteren Optimierung des Wissensmanagements innerhalb von UNIQUE. 
Dieses Semester gab Herr Wittman eine Vorlesung als Gastdozent im Modul Forest Inventory Design und wir freuen uns sehr, ihn im Januar wieder bei uns im Herderbau begrüßen zu können! 
Weitere Informationen sind auf der homepage von UNIQUE zu finden:


Internship Information Day · Veranstaltungen

Speaker I for the Internship Information Day

+++++++ From now on, we will start presenting our speakers for the information day. Stay updated every week! +++++++++++++

Bild könnte enthalten: Text

The Öko-Institut e.V. for applied Ecology offers expertise in manifold fields of sustainability management. They support their clients – ranging from private companies to policy makers – with research and consulting opportunities to create sustainable development strategies on a national and international level.
Bild könnte enthalten: 3 Personen, Personen, die lachenDr. Dierk Bauknecht will represent the Öko-Institut on our internship information day. He is senior researcher for energy & climate protection of the Öko-Institut in Freiburg. After finishing his Diploma in Policy Sciences at Freie Universität Berlin, he absloved a master degree and PhD in Science and Technoloy Policy at the university of Sussex. Before coming to Freiburg, Dierk Bauknecht worked for an english consulting company energy market analysis, projection and model development. Nowadays his expertise ranges from renewable energy management, decentralisation of energy production, energy storage possibilities to energy market development and projection.

For more information, visit the homepage of the institute:

Allgemein · Veranstaltungen

Vortrag zur Ressourcenmanagement

Die Forstwissenschaften der Uni Freiburg und dass Institut für Ökologie und Landeskunde, Bischkek organisieren am

27.11.2018, 18.00 Uhr
Herderbau, R 100, Tennenbacherstr. 4

einen Vortrag.

Inhalte sind:
– Naturschutz und Umweltbildung in Kyrgystan
– Möglichkeiten eines Praktikums in Kyrgyzstan

Weiterhin werden Exkursionsziele des IfÖuL in Kyrgyzstan, Kasachstan, Tadschiksitan, Baikalsee und Kamtschatka vorgestellt.

Inhalte sind:
– Phys. Geographie, Geologie
– Fauna, spez. Vögel und Säuger
– Flora und Vegetationsgeographie, Waldökologie
– Landwirtschaft, Ressourcennutzung
– ethnologische und geopolitische Aspekte